When the monster reached the door to the last car, they felt certain that they had it cornered. Until it took those claws and slashed straight through the metal. Completely ignoring Phoebe and the strange man, it deftly jumped up onto the truck which it had been locked inside of not long ago. Yuli, whose form had seamlessly and fully shifted from a hound’s to that of a twin-tailed fox, sailed after it. It swung its tail at Yuli again, who took the blow directly to the head this time. But that did not deter them as they grabbed it by the leg and pulled it down.

Image: A black and white bust-shot of Yuli, facing ¾ to the right. Their ears are back and their mouth is open. End description.

Image: A black and white bust-shot of the feline monster, facing ¾ to the left. Its posture mirrors Yuli’s, with their ears back and mouth open. End description.

Image: Phoebe, also in black and white, is startled. She is in the middle of the frame and looking down, with her eyes wide and shoulders hunched up. End description.

Julia, somewhat winded, entered the luggage car shortly after. She started to run for her partner before skidding to a halt at the sight of Phoebe.

“Okay- you- don’t touch anyone!”

Phoebe just gave a jerky nod, trying her best to stay clear of the creatures wrestling on the floor. Physical touch spelled certain death for both her and the other party.

“You’re going to be alright. We’re going to fix this, I’m a witch.”