Heeding Julia’s direction, Yuli stayed just close enough to herd the monster. Just fast enough to keep it from sliding a cabin door open and crawling inside. Its tail was as much a weapon as its claws, and it whipped the heavy, jagged end at its pursuer. They fell back to avoid being hit in the face but had no issue catching up again. It was fast, but its movements were clunky and weighed down compared to Yuli’s gait.

Image: Yuli, viewed from the front, barely dodges the monster’s spiked tail. They’re wincing, with one of their eyes shut and their mouth open, revealing sharp teeth. Their visible eye is pitch black. End description.

Yuli, who was looking less and less like a dog by the second.

Image: A shot of Yuli’s back half. At the hips their grey fur slowly transitions to orange, and they now have two fox tails. End description.