Image: Scene break ornament. End Description.

Image: The eagle-headed woman from earlier is asleep in a cabin bed. Her dog is curled up with her; both are sleeping on their sides and facing each-other. Some of her clothes can be seen strewn on the floor. End description.

Julia Morevna tossed in bed as a distant scream awoke her. As she sat up, she saw that her wolfhound, Yuli, was already looking towards the door. They glanced at each-other, and Julia understood that the scream hadn’t come from her dreams. As they both listened in silence, the sound came again. Screaming, crashing.

“Come on,” she whispered.

Image: Julia walks down the train as a man with a coyote aspect pushes past her in the opposite direction. Yuli looks at the man angrily. End description.

The pair slunk out of their cabin and made their way through the train. Passengers in the next car were poking their heads out of doors and speaking in hushed tones. Further down, Julia began to encounter people pushing past her in the opposite direction. At first they were simply moving frantically, but then they were running, and then everyone was running. Screams became louder and more numerous and, when Julia reached the offending car, the smell of blood nearly overwhelmed her.