The train would be an overnight trip, and Phoebe had booked a cabin in one of the sleeper cars for it. She passed by many who had boarded before her and were now relaxing. A woman about her age with an eagle aspect and a large hound. An older man who was looking out the window, despite there being nothing to see but darkness.

Image: A woman in a green jacket, white shirt, and brown pants sits inside one of the cabins. She has the head of an eagle with white and tan feathers, and medium-dark skin. Her eyes are olive green. She looks down fondly at a grey Irish wolfhound, whose read is resting on her knee. End description.

Image: A man with the head of a wildebeest, sitting in another cabin, looks out a window. The sky is pitch black. He is wearing a grey suit, with a white shirt and a green tie. His eyes are also green and his expression is neutral. End description.

Phoebe arrived at her cabin and slid the door open to reveal a cramped space- enough room for her to sit and sleep and store her backpack. Sitting down, she pulled out a wrinkled brochure titled STERN COLLEGE FOR SUCCESSFUL YOUNG WOMEN. Sighing, she opened it up and read over the information again, not having much else to do.

Image: A brochure for Stern College. The cover features two smiling women. The one on the left has the head of an orange salamander and is wearing a purple dress. The one on the right has the head of a green songbird, and is wearing a pink t-shirt with jeans. Behind them is part of a college campus, and the rest of the background is pale blue. End description.

I should have gotten a paper, she thought to herself.