Sometimes I write things, usually about my identity and experiences, and usually involving otherkinity. A fond memory of mine is exploring people's personal sites and reading their own essays on species identity and such, so I wanted to recreate that a little. I throw a lot of terms around here- if you're unfamiliar with things like "otherkin" or "alterhuman" then this page has some brief definitions and other resources.

Dates are in (MM.DD.YY) format.


(02.21.20) Forest Spirit Awakening - On my early experiences trying to explore, and come to terms with, being not-entirely-human. (Updated 03.07.22)

(12.27.18) Tiger-Forest-Spirit - How my identity as a tiger and my identity as a forest spirit may be the same thing. (Updated 03.07.22)


(03.11.22) Medusanity - About being medusan, feat. queerness and monsterfucking. This essay isn't explicit but it is about sexuality.


What's in store for the future? Well, I have an essay on voluntary and involuntary identity that probably needs to be completely rewritten (I'd also like to use it to write about the similarities and differences between my kintype and my copinglink.)