A quick introduction to the terms used in Katabasis.

Aspect - Someone's inborn animalistic traits. In humans, this refers specifically to theriocephaly: Everyone is born with the head of a bird, (non-human) mammal, reptile, or amphibian.

Binding Hoop - A tool that allows a witch to perform binding rituals. Hoops are often made by the witches who use them, and come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different needs.

Binding Ritual - A magical process which can bind living things together in different ways, depending on the ritual and its participants. The two binding rituals are Rises and Consumptions. Both require a binding hoop.

Consumption - A binding ritual which physically merges two organisms. Consumptions aren't lethal for all forms of life, but between humans they're used as a grotesque method of execution- "killing two birds with one stone" so to speak.

Fae - An intelligent species which uses shapeshifting and voice-mimicry to hunt human prey. Fae are typically solitary, but can form relationships with humans and tolerate more densely-populated habitats. Biologically, fae are alien compared to other forms of life.

Familiar - A fae who has taken part in a Rise. One half of a witch-familiar relationship.

Fledgling - Someone who has made a wish using one of the Firebird’s feathers. Fledglings are typically granted supernatural abilities, or transformed in some fashion.

Rise - A binding ritual which energetically merges a human and a fae. The new flow of energy provides benefits for both parties, but Rises are a big commitment and can be difficult to break.

Witch - Someone who can use binding rituals. Only a percentage of witches working in the modern day have familiars.

World Tree - A mythical tree which the Firebird is said to roost in. Its location, if it exists at all, is unknown. Like the Firebird, it's a staple of myths and fairy tales from around the world.