Julia and Isra left the car, walking past doors thrown open and dishevelled beds left in a panic. The train’s disconnected sections were hot and close to rotting under the sun, waiting to be hauled away so the tracks were clear again. But there weren’t any signs of the monster’s spree until they reached the car that Julia had walked into only three days prior. The pools and smears of blood hadn’t been displaced from where she’d first seen them, and in the daylight things were even more gruesome.

Image: A view of the car corridor. Blood is smeared in numerous places along the floor and walls, and splattered along the ceiling. One of the open cabin doors shows part of a bed with large blood stains on it. A duffel bag and clothes are spilled across the threshold of another. End description.

Yuli exited one of the cabins. “It made a hole.”

“Oh no,” Isra said as they walked inside. There was a monster-sized gash in the ceiling, directly above a ripped and red-stained couch.

“It dropped right onto someone,” Julia finished her thought.

Image: The four look up at the hole in the ceiling. Yuli and Apricot are standing together on the couch, with Julia and Isra standing further away. One end of the couch is bloody, along with the walls surrounding it, and part of the window. End description.

The group moved up the car, surveying each scene where it had struck. According to the report, four people had been injured, and six killed.

“This is where five of the deaths occured, then the conductor was killed at the very front,” she said. “Let’s keep going.”

“It ends here,” said Apricot.

“The trail goes cold?” Isra asked.



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