Image: Scene break ornament. End Description.

The next day, Julia and Yuli surveyed the wrecked train.

Image: Yuli stands alone in an empty train car. The door to the outside is open behind them, and light streams into the otherwise dark room. There is a person-sized smear of blood on the floor, leading to a large splatter on the wall. A yellow crime scene marker is placed next to each of them. End description.

“I can’t believe you got yourself into this mess,” Isra Orfila said as she followed them through the rear door of the last car. Specs of dirt and dust had already formed a thin layer on every surface. There were markers placed around the bloody crime scene by forensics, but otherwise it hadn’t been touched since the Consumption. Local police could only do so much when witches were involved, and now it was the Fae Study and Sustainability Society’s turn to look things over.

“And you agreed to help.” Julia said. “Thanks, by the way.”

Isra sighed. “I’m down here for the party anyways. Just don’t ask me to house any fledglings you find.” Her large bat ears awkwardly framed her head. Orange fur poked out over them, and over the circular glasses that rested on her flat snout. A black-eyed pigeon was perched on her shoulder.

Image: Isra is facing towards the viewer with a smile, while she shines a flashlight into the car. Her aspect is a bat with a fluffy mane of fur. She has olive skin and is wearing a pink tank top with a sunset design, and peach high-waisted shorts. Notably, she’s also wearing costume bat wings, which are attached to a pair of gloves along with straps around her elbows. Her pigeon familiar has a standard, light grey coloration. End description.

“What if Quill finds one that isn’t human?”

“Hey, come on.” She pouted.

“Anyways,” Julia said, “let’s start here.”



Isra!! I'm excited to finally introduce Isra! Well- aside from the namedrop she got in chapter 1 ;) She's one of my favorite side characters, so I hope you like her too.