“He knew I was in the hospital. And why.” Phoebe said.

“That’s why we were enthusiastic about finding you. My goal with Quill is to protect and gather other fledglings in time for the Firebird’s final appearance, at the end of this ‘cycle’- the period of time where it’s active. I’m sure there’s a purpose to it. There are common threads in many of the folktales I’ve read and collected, not to mention historical accounts…” He had begun pulling binders out from under stacks, propping them up in his lap for easier referencing. “If Connell is behind this, that would be just- He’s snatched fledglings from right under our noses before. I have a lot of work to do.”

“Come on,” Julia turned to Phoebe, “In that case, there’s no point staying here. You’re gonna help me with a job.”

Image: Julia is facing Phoebe, leaning over with her hands on the table. She is smiling, but Phoebe is frowning at her. The sliding glass door and decorative cross mentioned earlier can be seen behind them, along with some of the kitchen. A stack of dishes sits in front of Phoebe, and Cat’s cluttered laptop screen is visible in the foreground. End description.

“A job?”

“We’re going fishing! It’s for Yuli’s birthday tomorrow, and I have Society work so we’ll have to get it done now.” She looked at Cat, “We could stand to unwind, too.”

“The lake is nice today,” he said absentmindedly from behind his laptop screen.

“Did you sleepwalk all the way over there again?” Julia asked.

Cat nodded.

Image: A flashback to much earlier in the morning- The sky is dark and stars are visible. Cat is standing outside, wearing nothing but a pair of blue basketball shorts. His eyes are closed and he is asleep, and two glowing tendrils are growing from his head and neck. Yuli is in front of him, looking up concernedly with one paw on his thigh. Close behind the pair is the lake, with a row of trees reflected in the water. End description.

Image: A close-up of Cat’s face. He appears to be in a dream, as he has no tendrils and everything around him is pitch black. The shadows adorning him are tinted blue. His eyes are still closed, and cupping his face are a pair of spectral, white hands. End description.



So uh, whose hands are those???

Also, I pulled out a journal I'd barely used and have repurposed it into a plant diary. That way I can write down care instructions for my current and future plants, and make weekly notes about watering, etc. Plus I'm hoping that it will, tangentially, function as a regular diary since I'll probably mention important events there.

Right now i really only have my Peperomia (still holding out hope for the pineapple)- I had some others, but will be giving them away because they aren't safe for cats. I recently had a situation where Baki got to one and nibbled it, and it's just not worth him potentially getting sick.