"Look,” he began to unzip his bag, “I did my Master’s on this. I have documents and translations-”

“I don’t think that’ll prove anything to her,” Asmeret said.

“Right… We can jump straight to the point, then.” Cat, who looked ready to prove it 5 different ways, held out a hand. “The result of my wish isn’t as spectacular as yours, but I can at least show you something convincing.” He glanced around, making sure there weren’t any passengers walking close by.

Image: Cat is standing in front of Phoebe, with Asmeret behind him. He has a sympathetic look on his face and one of his hands is facing palm-up. Phoebe is looking away and frowning slightly. End description.

And Phoebe watched. She wasn’t sure exactly what she was supposed to be watching for- but it was only a few seconds before that became clear. Something had begun to push its way through the skin of Cat’s index finger. A tiny stalk writhed upwards, pale and glowing faintly against the morning light. It grew until it resembled an etiolated, leafless sprout.

“You have to touch it,” he motioned towards her; she looked at him in disbelief.

“I know,” said Julia, “but it’s not dangerous. It don’t hurt.”

Julia having to specify that it wouldn’t hurt didn’t make Phoebe feel reassured at all. Still, she knew that it’d be difficult for them to cause a scene in broad daylight. Everyone was on the lookout for another attack.

Image: Cat’s and Phoebe’s hands. Phoebe reaches for the glowing sprout. End description.

She hesitantly raised her arm.



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