Phoebe groaned. “I’m supposed to be in Grand Shore right now! I’m about to finally start college! Look, I have no idea what’s going on. I don’t know what’s happening to me. I guess I have some weird power, but I just, I never wanted this, okay? I want to go to school and be a normal person.”

Image: Phoebe throws her head back and covers her face with her hands, exasperated. End description.

“And you can,” Cat said, trying to console her.

“Quill is headquartered close to Grand Shore,” Asmeret spoke up. “The Firebird aside, you can still ride there with us. This train won’t be moving again anytime soon. We can take you to your dorm.”

Phoebe turned and looked at the smoking train, “I think I should just stay here with everyone else.”



An earlier update than usual because I have some research-related work to do this evening. Phoebe's really been going through it.

In other news, I registered Katabasis on, you can vote for it here. I don't really care about getting into the top 100 or anything, but I figured that the extra visibility of having it on the site would help. I also think that my tween self would be very happy about this.