Harsh sunlight was the first thing to meet her, causing her to squint and shade her eyes. The morning was still young with an angled blue spread over the sky. Phoebe turned away from the sun to see Bluebell waiting patiently for her; he shot a glance towards the field that the train car had skidded into, and Phoebe followed it. A small group of people was fast approaching.

Image: Phoebe is outside, standing in front of Bluebell who is giving her a small wave. Walking up behind him are Julia and Yuli, and in the distance are Cat and Asmeret. Cat is waving at her. End description.

“Glad to see you on your feet again,” Julia greeted with a smile.

“You’re the... Then that’s…” Phoebe’s gaze traveled from Julia to Yuli.

“Yup! Julia, the witch. Yuli is my partner and familiar.”

Familiar. Fox. This was a fae, too. “F-”

Before Phoebe could yell the word, Asmeret clamped a hand down on her muzzle. “I understand, but you can’t say that here. The crowd has got enough to deal with,” they said.

“Plus,” Julia sighed before continuing, “Yuli was the one who jumped in to save you. You know the difference between familiars and wild fae, right?”



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