Bluebell spoke softly, “You don’t have to talk about it right now, I’m sure Cat will be happy to take your statement whenever. Probably has a whole speech prepared... That reminds me, I should let everyone know you’re alright.” He pulled out his phone.

“Can I go outside?” The cabin was feeling particularly small, and the color on the walls was starting to burn straight through Phoebe’s eyes again.

“Of course, we can’t keep you here or anything. I’ll give everyone a call and you can meet us when you’re ready. I thought a fledgling with an ability like yours would need to rest more, but maybe I'm wrong...”

Image: A shot of Bluebell’s head. He is looking to the right and smiling nervously. End description.

“Wait, what?” Phoebe called after him, but Bluebell was already making his way down the corridor.



Bluebell: You're a fledgling Phoebe