Phoebe stopped at a closed door.

“Uhm, hello? I’m here to get my ticket checked?” she said, but when she opened the door nothing but black greeted her. This wasn’t another passenger car like she had expected, it wasn’t even a car for the staff; empty and without amenities, it looked like it was designed to carry cargo. Now it held nothing except for a large trunk which was sitting off to the side.

Feeling incredibly uncomfortable, Phoebe attempted to leave, but a hand lashed out and grabbed her wrist. It pulled her in before she even had a chance to yell. Phoebe spun around to see a tall man with the aspect of a wildebeest holding onto her. His gaze was dull and emotionless, and he looked Phoebe over as though she were a rack of antlers mounted on his wall. He pushed her forward and she stumbled deeper into the car.

Image: The man is holding Phoebe by her wrist. Her hand is the only visible part of her. He stands in front of the car door. His skin is revealed to be light, but less pale than Phoebe’s. End description.

“Perfect. Right where you’re supposed to be, miss Ashcroft,” he spoke in a frank tone as he closed the door and locked it from the inside.

Phoebe’s immediate instinct was to run, as though she had deer legs and a deer heart to match her aspect. If she could dive past him and open the door fast enough, then she had a chance of escaping. But when she tried to leap forward, she found that she was frozen in place. It wasn’t fear- Phoebe couldn’t move an inch no matter how she struggled under her skin. She wasn’t even able to scream as the man closed in on her.

Image: Phoebe’s eyes are wide and her shoulders are hunched. The background is black with a white flash across it, emphasizing her shock. End description.