Phoebe eventually settled for scrolling through the news on her phone, after she’d gotten tired of staring at her brochure and watching lights outside whizz past the moving train. With headlines like VINTER’S DISAPPEARANCE WORK OF FAE? and PLASTIC SURGEON ARRESTED OVER HORN-IMPLANT PROCEDURE, it didn’t do much to lift her spirits. She wished that the train had a shower; the scent of her own perfume was beginning to sting her nose. Her aunt had gifted the perfume to her after her acceptance letter to Stern’s arrived. It was a good gift, Phoebe had mused to herself. The delicate, floral scent clung to her in the most uncomfortable way, but it would be a necessary part of formal events at the college.

Image: The arms of a dark-skinned person are visible. They’re reaching out, and in one of the hands is a pink box. The background is blue. End description.

Yawning, Phoebe decided that she should try to sleep. But as she pulled a pair of pajamas out of her bag, there was a knock at her door. Phoebe opened it to see a young-looking man wearing an employee uniform.

Image: Phoebe’s back is turned, and she’s facing a zebra-headed man at her cabin door. In her hands is a bundle of light grey pajamas. The man is smiling, and behind him is a dark hallway. End description.