A failed ritual leaves an immortal woman bound to a monster. Now she must contend with their budding (and violent) partnership, a killer bent on hunting down her kind, and the quest for the legendary creature that could make her life normal again. Updates Wednesday evenings.

Katabasis is an illustrated web serial. It contains gore, nudity, sexual themes, and strong language. Pages here have a higher age rating than the rest of my site.

Chapter IV of Katabasis begins March 6, 2024!

Image: A black and white image of Cat from the neck-up, facing away but turning slightlytowards the viewer. He has two stylized tendrils growing out of his head. Above him floats Anima, depicted from the thighs-down so that only her dress and legs are visible. Text at the top reads: Katabasis chapter 4: Fourteen Wands. Text at the bottom reads: March 6, 2024. apexaltra.com/katabasis. End description.