“It’s okay!” Julia said, gently slapping Phoebe on the back, “We’re the safest people you could be with right now. We can even stop for breakfast-”

Image: Julia is smiling and patting Phoebe on the back. Phoebe looks startled. End description.

“It’s important for you to come with us,” Cat said. “I’m not asking you to join Quill, but we’ll help protect you. The person who performed a Consumption on you is most likely behind a series of other incidents that we’ve been following.” He glanced up at the sky, “I’ve been studying the Firebird for years, but the main reason why I’m involved with Quill is because I’m a fledgling, just like you. I’ve seen the Firebird with my own eyes! Regardless of whether or not you remember, some part of you knows. You can’t deny what’s happened.”

Phoebe shot Cat a suspicious glare. One thing that nearly every tale emphasized was how rare the Firebird was. Heroes died just trying to find it.

Image: The Firebird perches on a branch reminiscent of the ones in Phoebe’s book. Only the bottom of its wings and its tail are visible. Here, it’s tail is long and resembles a peacock’s, with 25 feathers visible. Some of the feathers have fallen off. It is colored three shades of orange. End description.

“There’s no way both of us could have-” she started.

“About once a year. According to the data we’ve been collecting, that’s how often the Firebird grants a wish. And people really started making claims, ah, 23-ish years ago? So it’s not impossible. I’m just not sure how much longer it’ll be around for.”

“You’re crazy.”



*Ta-dah noise at Cat being a fledgling*
Now let's see what he can do.