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Mar 30 - Thank you for 10k views!!

Mar 27 - Added buttons and stuff to the front page, including some of my own!

Mar 18 - Removed identity-focused links from Cool Stuff, added some new links to Cool Stuff, removed changelog link from front page, new about page (again....)

Mar ~4 - Removed ficto link from front page

Feb 10 - New bg/colors for About... again. Also removed some links from Cool Stuff and added new ones.

Feb 9 - Ended up removing most of the community specific info on the ficto page because a lot of links were dead and there just wasn't much good content.

Feb 5 - Big changes! 1. Restructured index page and about page (and gave about a new design); 2. Restructured page organization in general, many pages now have new URLs; 3. Updated the favorite pokemon page


Nov 7 - Updated age (^^) and added a new link to the Alterhumanity section of the Resources page

Oct 20-21 - Revamped "about" page; merged "links" with it. Added new links to "cool stuff"

Jul 26 - Spruced up homepage, added "favorite pokemon" page.

Jul 22-24 - Total site revamp. New homepage, new pages (about, links, resources) plus a store link. Moved ficto stuff to its own page.

Apr 16 - Deleted "About" and "Contact" pages

Jan 16 - happy new year! made some small text and formatting edits, added new stuff to the index, and spruced up the 404 page


Oct 16 - changed title, added meta stuff, more small text edits

Sep 17 - updated contact page

Aug 19 - added more links and edited the site title

Aug 02 - added more stuff to the "about" page

May 25 - added more links

May 22 - site launch

May 19 - site creation