Artwork Reposting and Use Guidelines

I'm fine with people sharing my artwork, including reposting it. Why? Because I find it difficult to keep up with the particular environment of Art-On-Social-Media (frequent posting, frequent reblogging/reposting/boosting your work, lack of organization on some platforms, etc.) I’ve found that I prefer to keep a small number of relatively organized galleries instead. So, if you like my work and want to post it on a platform that I don’t use (or shit, that I do use) feel free to do so. But please follow the guidelines below.

None of my work may be used for commercial (including promotional) purposes without my prior consent.

How to credit me

  • Credit must be given, no exceptions
  • Credit me by name, or by linking to this site or one of my accounts (“hover for credit” is fine)
  • Do not claim my art as your own, obviously


Two ways to share my work

  • Save the image and reupload it yourself. Please do not link directly to, or upload directly from, the image files hosted on this site. (i.e., don’t use the “upload from URL” option)
  • On sites like Deviantart, you can also click the “share” button

You can post my art on...

  • Social media
  • Your website/blog
  • Forums
  • Image boards
  • Etc.

You cannot post my art on...

  • Your own gallery on an art website (unless the art was created for you)
  • Roleplay profiles/sites or character collection sites (like Toyhouse) as a faceclaim for your own OC


Editing guidelines

  • Cropping images or adding borders/filters for use as icons, banners, etc. is fine as long as you credit me somewhere on your page
  • Cropping my art specifically to remove my signature is not allowed
  • Do not trace my artwork or use it as a base
  • Do not recolor or otherwise add/remove details from my art without my permission. This rule is pretty lenient when it comes to my Free or Katabasis art, but still be respectful

Art that you cannot edit

  • Commissions that aren't yours
  • Gift art that isn't yours
  • Art of my sonas